The Advantages of Asphalt Paving

With the multiple benefits of asphalt paving out there, we curated a list of a few that we feel should be highlighted.

  • Cost-Effective: With lower initial costs than other pavements out there, asphalt is a much more cost-effective option that will last well up to 20 years and an added bonus is that it’s recyclable. Construction time when laying out asphalt is much faster, saving the public, government and contractors time and money in projects – without the need of curing, it also is a benefit for quick roadway updates without lengthy blockages.
  • Fast Construction: Asphalt can typically be laid out in about one to two days time, depending on the project size and special requirements. Roadways, driveways and parking lots are quite fast to complete with the no curing time frame, motorists are able to utilize the roadways quickly, even as soon as when the last roller is officially off the construction site. 
  • Comfort and Safety: An extra benefit that most enjoy is the smoothness of the drive when a roadway is freshly completed. Asphalt provides this smooth ride throughout it’s lifetime, as long as proper maintenance is maintained. It provides drivers skid resistance, reduces splash back and has better visual distinction between road markings. In addition, asphalt provides a safe roadway during ice and snow seasons and rapid drainage of surface water with new technology.
  • Durability: With its proper design and construction, maintained asphalt can last for up to 20 years. This of course can vary depending on the location of the specific asphalt roadway, consider things like busy traffic or intense weather conditions. Even with these challenges, asphalt helps fight off these problems better than over pavement options. 
  • Recyclable: Asphalt is an earth-friendly choice by being endlessly recyclable. Less bitumen is needed when making new asphalt and its possible to reclaim older asphalt roadways by digging, melting and reapplying it. Making it a modern piece of material that is eco-friendly and popular within the community. 

Arizona’s Leading Asphalt Contractors
General contractors and municipalities have awarded a woman-owned asphalt and repair services company, L&L Asphalt many projects of varying size and complexity throughout the Grand Canyon State. Our company offers permanent asphalt replacement, asphalt repair, and street widening. Contact us today at (623) 434-1200 for more information on these and other asphalt management services.

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